Soivre Radiance Expert Face Cream


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Radiant, revitalized and healthy skin with Radiance Expert cream. Formulated with exclusive ingredients for an intensive anti-aging treatment.
Ameliox: Visibly erases and attenuates wrinkles and fine lines caused by facial expressions.
Interference pigments: To soften imperfections. They diffuse the light over the skin, removing blackheads and imperfections and providing a smooth gleaming look.
Stem cells: Fight the signs of aging protecting the skin from external agents.
Licorice extract: With depigmenting action. Evens out face skin tone.

It will be available in August

Out of stock

Illuminates, evens and anti-aging effect.
Packaging: 50ml
How to use: Apply on clean skin in the morning and at night, gently massaging until full absorption. Indicated for all skin types.


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